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Accounting and Taxation
AJS Advisory Chartered Accountants. Working with you towards getting MORE from your business....with tax peace of mind.



Learn to dance Argentine Tango. Approved introductory course for New Zealand Tango Festival and New Zealand Tango Congress.


Free online Spanish lessons:  Learn Spanish on-line for free, using interactive audio/visual lessons.


Investment Advice
Canopus Investments Limited
Discount sharebrokers, investment advice, NZ company formations and NZ trade mark registration. Gold news and investment advice.



Mortgages and Loans


Search Engines and Directories
FindA ; New Zealand's local business directory. New Zealand & Australian Web Directory and Search Engine.

Index NZ: New Zealand search engine

mKiwi New Zealand Search Engine : New Zealand Web Directory and Search Engine



Travel and Accommodation

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Information on this website does not constitute an offer of primary issue securities as such offer can only be provided through delivery of the formal offer document. Application for primary issue securities will only be accepted when made on the application form accompanying the investment statement or other formal offer document.

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Canopus, brilliant southern star of the constellation Carina (The Ship's Keel), navigational beacon to traders and explorers over centuries, from sailing ships to spacecraft, now lends its name and aura to an enterprise dedicated to providing corporate and private investors with the same assurance of security and direction.