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Mortgages and Loans, Business and Investment Finance

1.  Mortgages and Commercial Finance

Through business associates Canopus has access to a broad range of mortgage and loan finance sources including mortgage finance for residential, commercial and investment purposes as well business and personal loans. Commercial finance may be available for:

a) Owner occupied business premises where loan repayments can be met out of cash flow.
b) Owner occupied or investment properties up to 30 year term.
c) Owner occupied or investment properties. Where client has clean credit history the loan may be self certified (no financials required).

For additional information and enquiries contact Canopus

2.  Vehicles, Plant and machinery, household items

Loans available for private or business vehicle purchase, financing of plant and machinery for business and private household items.

Loan applications will be assessed according to established criteria including credit history, ability of borrower to meet payments and security offered.

3.  Loan mortgage calculator

To calculate monthly repayments on your mortgage or loan, given term, interest rate and principal, use the following free calculator.

Loan Calculator
Free loan calculator by

Please note that use of this calculator is intended as a guide to repayments for a principal and interest repayment loan only. Loans may be principal and interest, interest only or a combination of both, designed to suit your requirements. Always request an actual repayment schedule showing regular payment amounts from your lender before committing to any loan offered.

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Canopus, brilliant southern star of the constellation Carina (The Ship's Keel), navigational beacon to traders and explorers over centuries, from sailing ships to spacecraft, now lends its name and aura to an enterprise dedicated to providing business and private investors with the same basis of security and direction.