Advantages of Body Cameras Australia

In Australia, body cameras, Australia or police body cameras are the ways an officer can record their interactions with the public. The small body cameras worn on the head or chest of a law enforcement officer captures internal audio and video during crime scenes or public interactions.

Requiring police officers to wear body cameras, Australia is fast becoming a requirement in the many states of Australia. It is because the evidence gathered by the small camera allows the demonstration of transparency, behaviours, and statements to be accurately recorded.

States that require body cameras to be worn by police officers at all public situations and interactions are seen as a means to deter illegal and inappropriate behaviours from both the public and the officers.

The advantages of requiring police officers to use body cameras while on duty include:


Strong public support and an effective tool for reforming police

Accountability and transparency are the top advantages given to the public by police officers wearing body cameras. The relationship between the public and the police is often frayed. Using a body camera during public interactions is an attempt of mending the frayed relationship between the community and law enforcement officers.

The data gathered from the cameras are also used as an effective training tool for existing and new officers on ways to diffuse tough situations with the public.


Lower complaints of police misconduct with enhanced police accountability

The audio and visual evidence recorded by body cameras has seen a trend of lower public complaints about police misconduct. The camera has proven its worth in terms of enhancing police accountability in their interactions with the public.

Police brutality has dropped dramatically with the cameras recording entire shifts. Fabrication of evidence such as planting fake drug evidence by police officers has also stopped since the implementation of body cameras.

False accusations against the police have also decreased with the protection provided by the body camera. The exoneration of several officers from procedure, service, and conduct allegations has seen an increase with the help of body cameras.


An effective tool in cases involving domestic violence

Police officers responding to a scene of domestic violence receive a lot of help from a body camera. The body camera becomes an effective and timely tool to record the statements and the injuries of the victim.

Recording the events after the immediate aftermath presents a more honest statement from the victim than later statements with the financial and emotional ties coming into play.

The events being recounted by the victim as soon as police officers arrive on the scene is more likely to be the truth than a later statement after 30 minutes after it happened. Implications setting in often make victims of domestic violence either recant or add more embellishments to the truth.

Negotiations between victim and suspect in domestic violence cases are resolved effectively with the evidence provided by a body camera. The documentation provided by the body camera of the first moments has proved critical to domestic violence cases.


Perhaps the top reason for many states in Australia in requiring police officers to wear body cameras is its high price tag. The cameras are often seen as an added expense on top of ancillary equipment it needs such as training, car charger, etc. However, the range of personal body cameras offer an increased level of user safety to be used during entire shifts of various police officers make it a worthy investment.

4 things to look for in a computer repair store

In times of these pandemic, online education has immensely fueled the use of computers and laptops. Even in our leisure time, we watch Netflix on our laptops. It is normal for your computers to heat up or face any technical issue.  With this much use, our computers need to be maintained. Some of us are able to fix these issues by ourselves while some of us need assistance. For this purpose, we immediately rushed to a computer repair store. However, not every computer repair store can guarantee you the best but computer repairs melbourne can! Here are the four things to look for in a computer repair shop:


THe best computer repair shop will have a variety of services they can provide. They can tackle any technicalities or issues you might be facing. These repair shops have full command over their work and know exactly what they’re doing. Retrieving data, fixing viruses, storage issues or any physical problems such as cracked screen, key replacement, speaker cleaning or a broken CD-ROM are a few of the common problems which are fixed by these repair shops on a daily basis.


There are certain accessories which can help speed up or make your computer work smoothly. All these accessories are available at the computer repair shops. After a complete diagnosis of your computer, the shopkeeper may suggest you buy one of the accessories such as an antivirus program, a sound card or another set of batteries. Instead of looking for these elsewhere, the repair shops are your one stop for everything. These shops have a variety of accessories, ranging from earphones to different softwares installations.


The repair shops are the most flexible ones in the market. You don’t need to set an appointment or call them before paying them a visit. You just grab your computer or laptop and ask them to have a look. Even if they are occupied at that time, they never refuse to assist you. These shops can work for hours just to fix your computer. If you can not visit their shop, they will send someone over to examine your computer. These shops are flexible with their time and schedule. You can even leave your computer with them for two to three days and they will make sure to fix it even when you are not present there. They are always available to serve you, no matter what the time or day is.

Budget friendly

To spend money on your computer is completely your own decision. It is possible that you are thinking of a bigger expense which is not even needed by your computer. In this regard, these computer repair shops prove to be very budget friendly. They advise you on what is best for your computer. If you are on a budget, they will make sure to squeeze down all the service and requirements in this budget. They will not advise you to buy something very expensive. They will give you a comparison of the prices. You can check the prices online and compare them. Sometimes, they even offer to arrange any used product for their customers to save their money.